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Be a part of the music fest with your own Street pole banner and VIP tickets

Here's a great way to show your support of the music fest, enhance the festival atmosphere, get a great memory of the event and get 2 VIP tickets.  

We have created these cool street pole banners to be displayed throughout the festival area starting in early May.  You can personalize your banner with your family name, or celebrate your dad on Father's Day weekend by putting his name on the banner, or recognize your favorite charity.  After the festival you'll get your banner to display in your home or business as a memory of this great event.  

In addition to your own banner you'll also receive two tickets to the Jim Beam VIP area at the festival.  This area is located in the Community House right next to the Cubs Stage.  You'll have access to free refreshments and a place to relax throughout the festival as well as great viewing for the performances on Friday night as well as throughout Saturday, including the headliners on Saturday night .  

VIP tickets are limited so here's a great way to ensure you get yours and also support the festival.  Click on "Add to Cart" and personalize your banner.  We'll get back to you to confirm the information and to let you know how to get your VIP credentials.