The Hudson COMPANY Family Stage


The Music Festival kicks off on Saturday with music for all ages at the Hudson Company Family stage in Dwyer Park.  

The music starts at 9:00 am and the last act wraps-up at 2:45. 

The Children's Theatre of Winnetka opens the Family Stage on Saturday with a combination of fun show tunes and high energy.   

Throughout the morning we'll have music from The Farmer and Adele, great participatory music from Rhythm Revolution and   

at 11:00 we bring you CREW.   Talk about an emerging band!  These kids combine energy and talent beyond their years.  Stop on by to hear and dance to their great rock sound.

We'll take a short stroll over to the Fields Auto Group stage at noon to hear the exciting sounds of Alex Guthrie and his band.  The Family Stage wraps up at 2:00 with an amazing unique experience.  Jake Allen will bring his unique style of  six string wizardry to the Family Stage.  His use of two-hands on the guitar neck, adding a percussive tapping style produces sounds that you'd normally expect from a full band.  

MIC petting zoo guitar.jpg

Throughout the day children will have an opportunity to make their own music at the Petting Zoo, supported by the Music Institute of Chicago, where they'll have a chance to try different instruments and participate with the artists.




Bring your kids and enjoy the fun, exciting and engaging tunes at our Family Stage.